Open banking

Open banking provides tremendous opportunities to digitally transform, drive innovation, create a partner ecosystem, and unleash new revenue streams to power growth.

Traditional banks are seeking innovative ways to collaborate with external partners to unlock new revenue models using APIs, offer innovative customer propositions, and comply efficiently with regulations. And they often face barriers because of legacy infrastructures, cybersecurity concerns, and data security and privacy issues.

With Capgemini’s open banking offering, banks can seamlessly and securely exchange data and resources, enabling them to deliver innovative customer propositions, and accelerate time-to-market for new products and services – as well as effectively comply with local regulations and monetize APIs.

Our open banking platform

Capgemini’s open banking platform is a proven API-enabled platform that is currently delivering secure, market-leading advantage to our clients.

Our combination of a modern core and API infrastructure enables an ecosystem of financial services and non-financial service players to deliver a platform-based banking experience, and rapidly build and test unique, innovative propositions.

Working with us, our clients have accelerated implementation timelines by up to 50%.

Partner with Capgemini to navigate the open banking economy, and:

• Implement the open banking platform
• Build an open banking security profile
• Comply with local open banking regulations or explore industry initiatives like PSD2 and CMA
• Design your consent management/user-permissioned data
• Confidently manage open banking testing.

Inventive banking

Now is the time to thrive in the highly disruptive environment of next generation digital banking. We can help you do that.

Meet our experts

Cliff Evans

Head Technology Practice Europe, FS
“With exponential growth of digital channels and the need for a connected digital experience for customers – content is growing in importance as a building block of that connected digital experience. A headless CMS allows for content preparation, management and availability across channels including IoT devices. Headless CMS architecture provides the flexibility and scalability of an API first platform to deliver content to any frontend you choose. The solution can prove key to your omnichannel strategy allowing you to incorporate any design framework and integrate into your frontend software of choice”

Sankar Krishnan

Digital Assets Head, Capgemini Financial Services

Jeroen Holscher

Expert in Banking, Cash management, Payments